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Christopher C. Matthews has been teaching meditation principles
since January 2011. He is the founder of Christ Clarity University
and Truth and Wealth.

Christ Clarity University teaches wealth covenant principles.
Truth and Wealth helps others receive covenant wealth.

Truth about your wealth covenant is the foundation for living
your predestined financial life.
Truth 1: Wealth Truth is Like an Onion, and has Many Layers.
Truth 2: It's Never a Money Issue, but an Anointing Issue.
Truth 3: Wealth Truth is a prerequisite for living the supernatural
financial life.

Christ Clarity University and Truth and Wealth will help you
receive optimum wealth. Pastor Chris is the author of two books:
1. Mediate on Truth and Prosper: 6 Keys That Unlocks Daily
Financial Blessings in Your Life
2. God Hope Scriptures: Chew The Doubt Off
His message to the Body of Christ is:
Christ in You is More Than Enough;
for you to have an abundance of spending


Helping You Receive Covenant Wealth!
Christopher C. Matthews, Wealth Covenant Pastor